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RFM helps feed, clothe, and shelter the poor in Jamaica, Haiti, and around the world. 

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Our faithful prayer partners will pray with you, asking God to meet your request. 

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Riley Ferguson Ministries
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"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to 
 every creature"  Mark 16:15 KJV
I want to thank you for visiting my website, because this means you are someone interested in ministry and whose heart has compassion for the lost and poverty stricken people around the world.  I am the founder and director of RFM and it is the greatest joy of my life to be able to help someone else less fortunate than I. 

If you are interested in feeding the hungry, clothe the naked, sheltering the cold and weary and educating the poor of this world, I invite you join me or support one of our mission projects to some part of the world.  Please feel free to contact RFM for the current or next project.

God Bless you,
Rev. Riley Ferguson 

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Rev. Riley Ferguson - Vice President
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